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April 1, 2021 The Light Through The Leaves By Glendy Vanderah

TITLE: The Light Through The Leaves
AUTHOR: Glendy Vanderah
PUB DATE: April 01, 2021


Go on a powerful journey of forgiveness and healing with The Light Through the Leaves, a transcendent novel of love, loss, and self-discovery by the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Where the Forest Meets the Stars.

One unbearable mistake at the edge of the forest.

In a moment of crisis, Ellis Abbey leaves her daughter, Viola, unattended―for just a few minutes. But when she returns, Viola is gone. A breaking point in an already fractured marriage, Viola’s abduction causes Ellis to disappear as well―into grief, guilt, and addiction. Convinced she can only do more harm to her family, Ellis leaves her husband and young sons, burying her desperate ache for her children deeper with every step into the mountain wildernesses she treks alone.

In a remote area of Washington, a young girl named Raven keeps secrets inside, too. She must never speak to outsiders about how her mother makes miracles spring from the earth, or about her father, whose mysterious presence sometimes frightens her. Raven spends her days learning how to use her rare gifts―and more important, how to hide them. With each lesson comes a warning of what dangers lie in the world beyond her isolated haven. But despite her mother’s cautions, Raven finds herself longing for something more.

As Ellis and Raven each confront their powerful longings, their journeys will converge in unexpected and hopeful ways, pulled together by the forces of nature, love, and family.


My first book by Glendy Venderah is as shocking as it is beautifully told, a story about an unthinkable mistake, and the journey through forgiveness. Weaved within this tragedy are moments of magic as nature and extraordinary moments collide.

Ellis Abbey is completely distraught as she witnesses her husband with another woman. In this state of mind and while also managing her twin boys, she drives off leaving her infant in a car seat in the parking lot. She returns immediately but Viola is gone. Unable to locate Viola, Ellis dives deep into depression, and addiction while unable to forgive herself, she decides to leave her husband and sons. At the same time, inn a remote area of Washington, a child named Raven is raised in isolation and by a woman tied to earth spirits.

The story is told through Ellis and Raven’s point of views, and as a reader you wonder how their worlds will come together, and I just sat back and let Venderah’s impeccable writing pull me in the most hopeful and unexpected way.

A truly magical read I highly recommend.


Glendy Vanderah worked as an endangered bird specialist in Illinois before she became a writer. Originally from Chicago, she now lives in rural Florida with as many birds, butterflies, and wildflowers as she can lure to her land. Where the Forest Meets the Stars is her debut novel. Visit Glendy online at

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  1. It really was a magical read! I'm so glad you enjoyed this, thank you for being on the tour. Sara @ TLC Book Tours