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THE EDIFICE By R.K. Holliday

Print Length: 236 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1548692484
Publisher: R. K. Holliday Books (July 5, 2017)
Publication Date: July 5, 2017
Sold by: Services LLC

Connor Laurel was always small, normal, and routine. He lived in a tiny, tight neighborhood where nothing ever happened. This was his life until he found out he had a rare disease.

Connor wasn't just frightened, he was also getting taken away from his home by strange men. He soon finds out that these men, and the place they're taking him is anything but small, normal, and routine. Finding out who he really is, what he really has changes everything and raises the stakes. If Connor wants to find understanding, he has to be patient and learn everything he can from his new home. There's only one problem -- Connor isn't sick, he has an unseen, super power.

R. K. Holliday introduces an unforgettable boy who must learn to fight, learn to fly, and defy all he knows to uncover the truth.


This is an enjoyable YA dystopian read from R.K. Holliday. It is about a 13 year old boy named Connor Laurel who had a “virus” called IMPETUS and in order to be treated, needed to be taken away from his home by “the greater coalition” to a location where he is joined with other children for treatment, scans and observations. The world seemed to be sometime in the future since there are hovering vehicles in this world. In this new place, a spacecraft called Eden is where he is told that he really does not have a virus but instead possess some supernatural abilities he is yet to discover.

I found that the book was well written especially the first half where the story was intriguing and really made me want to turn those pages. This is a great start for a YA series.

All in all, a nice enjoyable read.


R. K. Holliday is a Gamer, Photographer, Musician, Admin and Developer with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Information Systems.
He is passionate about working with children and youth and is also passionate about sharing his expertise, considering himself to be a successful online entrepreneur. In his younger years, he has spent countless summers working with children and youth.
Since he wanted to combine both of his passions, he decided to publish his works on the internet, and many of his books and work can be found online, including here!
Aside from having well rounded experience in the mental health field and technical field, R.K. Holliday is also an expert on video game culture and industry. He's  Mississippi native who currently lives in Winter Park, Florida. He is happily married to a beautiful, vibrant Nurse Practitioner and has a sneaky dachshund named Spencer.

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Confessions of a Sheba Queen

by Autumn Bardot

Publication Date: March 10, 2019

Cleis Press

eBook & Paperback; 384 Pages

Genre: Historical/Erotica

With a host of unforgettable characters and unbridled sensual escapades, Confessions of a Sheba Queen is a triumphantly erotic retelling of an indomitable woman prevailing in a man’s world.

During a raging sandstorm along a riverbed in the ancient lands of Saba, a powerful jinni born of smokeless fire gives birth to a half-human daughter. Bilqis does not inherit her mother’s magical abilities, but the fire of her jinni blood does imbue her with other powerful gifts. As she undergoes her rites of womanhood and her insatiable sexual hunger is awakened, it becomes clear—this is the key to her “great destiny” prophesized at her birth. But it could also lead to her total undoing.

Bilqis comes to understand that her supernatural talents have the power to make men, and women, and nations prostrate themselves in utter devotion to her. When tragedy strikes, she leaves her home to seek revenge against the tyrannical god-king whose reign is a plague upon his land and people. Armed with only her body, courage, and wits, she quickly masters the art of seduction, all the while resisting the mind-consuming call to stay locked in an endless cycle of carnal passion.

Destiny soon intervenes, and what began as a quest for vengeance becomes a mission to heal the land of Saba from a twisted, corrupt regime and to see it become the wealthiest kingdom in all the land. Yet, it is only after meeting the already legendary and wildly attractive King Solomon that Bilqis discovers her greatest battle is not with others, but with herself.


Autumn Bardot really has outdone herself in this amazing erotic historical fiction read. Her writing is brilliant, easy to read, and an amazing storyteller. This is not a genre I would normally gravitate to but she has done it with such creativity encompassing historical elements and characters we know about in this fictional work of art. So beautifully done though erotic, not vulgar or overdone.

The story is centered around Bilqis who is a gifted with special gifts passed down from her mother who is a jinn - with special powers, strength and abilities. Her mother brought in special teachers to ensure that Bilqis was well rounded in education that include world geography, mathematics and the knowledge and control of her sexuality in negotiations and dealing with people. Bilqis mother was murdered and Bilqis set out to avenge her mother's death. Using her gained education, strength as a woman, she was able to rise and avenge the death of her mother and became the Queen of Saba.

Under Bilqis rule, the kingdom prospered well and Bilqis set out to visit King Solomon to negotiate trade deals. There, a love story blossoms.

I truly enjoyed the brilliant writing by Autumn Bardot in this amazing page turner of a book. Amazing and highly recommend.

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | IndieBound

About the Author 

Autumn Bardot writes historical fiction and historical erotica. Her debut historical fiction is THE IMPALER'S WIFE. Her debut historical erotica is LEGENDS OF LUST.

Autumn, a pen name, has worked as an educator for more than sixteen years. She teaches literature, writing, and the magic of words. She has a passion for history and a special affinity for the unsung courageous females that history has neglected. Or misunderstood. Autumn lives in Southern California with her husband and ever-growing family. She wishes she was one-tenth as brave as the women she writes about.

Historical Fiction

~ The Impaler's Wife

~ Dragon Lady

~ The Emperor's Assassin

Historical Erotica ( Cleis Press)

~ Legends of Lust, Erotic Myths from around the World

~ Confessions of a Sheba Queen

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Confessions of a Sheba Queen

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PODCAST REVIEW: Supercharged Life by Dr. Judy Ho. @drjudyho @stage29podcast @suzyapbooktours #superchargedlife #blogtour

The action-packed podcast full of tips to improve your life.

Ready to grab life with both hands and live it to the fullest?

Join Dr. Judy on her SuperCharged Life where she dives deeply and fearlessly into guests’ issues in love, sex, friendships, work, career, bad habits, addiction, trauma, depression and anxiety.

Sometimes we get stuck in our old patterns. We want to change but we don't know how. Uncover what's holding you back and discover a new way to take on life, inspire love, and create happiness and fulfillment.

Dr. Judy is passionate about helping you become the Superhero in your own life. Each podcast episode offers a tangible, scientific tool you can use to SuperCharge your life.

Subscribe, download, and listen to SuperCharged Life on Apple Podcast

Supercharge your earbuds as Dr. Judy extracts actionable tips from leading experts who share valuable lessons they've learned on their unique journeys.

If you have a minute, Dr. Judy would really appreciate a quick rating and review. It only takes a second and really helps to get the word out about this program!

Today, March 24, 2020 is the premiere episode of Supercharged Life!

Professional Poker Player and TV personality Maria Ho (@Maria_Ho) is one of the top-ranked female poker players in the world and a television host/commentator.

Hear how a keg of beer launched Maria’s Hall of Fame gambling career and how, as a woman, she had to fight for a seat at the table, literally. Score secrets on how to outsmart your opponents in the game of poker and the game of life! Plus, discover how moving to the U.S. sparked drive and determination in Dr. Judy, why her sister calls her a “goodie goodie” and why these two sisters went to therapy to save their relationship.

In this episode, we discuss:
1.  How Maria bribed her way into learning poker (3:29)
2.  Life lessons that we learned from our parents and advice for the next generation (8:45)
3.  Different ways to use psychology in career and life (12:22)
4.  How Judy and Maria are profoundly different (18:10)
5.  How therapy helped Judy and Maria get to the next level in their relationship (25:45)
6.  Why Dr. Judy wanted to become a psychologist (29:30)
7.  Maria’s Top Poker Secrets (31:31)
8.  Maria’s American Idol Journey (37:56)
9.  Tips for “Doing it Scared: (40:20)
10. “Would You Rather” with Dr. Judy and Maria (47:47)
11. Supercharged Tip of The Day (53:51)


As a healthcare professional, I just love Dr. Judy and her message, her kindness and compassion that really jumped out during the podcast. As Dr. Judy says, this podcast A SUPERCHARGED LIFE is a way to refocus and have a respite from all this craziness which is becoming our new normal. As we stay home and adjust to our current situation, this podcast came at the right time and at the right moment. I was so highly entertained by this podcast and Dr. Judy's first guest is so perfect!!!

Maria Ho is amazing and a really strong woman who is the epitome of living a SUPERCHARGED LIFE. Maria is positive, energetic, not afraid to take risks - duh she is a professional poker player - LOL!!

I enjoyed that the sisters made the podcast relatable as they talked about "being real" as perfect as I see these two, they shared their struggles, their failures and their trying times being immigrants as a young age from Taiwan. I have enjoyed the tips and the overall message of positivity that I needed during this trying times.

Thank you Dr. Judy for what you do and everyone needs to subscribe and listen to this as a dose and infusion of happiness in this trying times.


Judy Ho, Ph. D., ABPP, ABPdN, CFMHE

Dr. Judy is a triple board certified and licensed Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychologist, a tenured Associate Professor at Pepperdine University, and published author, most recently penning Stop Self-Sabotage, published by HarperCollins; a book detailing a scientifically driven six-step program which has been translated into 7 additional languages around the world. Dr. Judy maintains a private practice in Manhattan Beach, CA where she specializes in comprehensive neuropsychological assessments and expert witness work.

Dr. Judy regularly appears as an expert psychologist on television, podcasts, radio, and contributes to other media including print and electronic periodicals including Psychology Today. She is a co-host on the Emmy Award winning syndicated daytime television talk show The Doctors, and co-host of CBS’s Face the Truth. A complete listing of her TV appearances can be found here. Her podcast, Supercharged Life, produced by Stage 29 Productions, gives listeners tangible, scientific tools so that everyone can "supercharge" their lives.

Dr. Judy Ho is an avid researcher and is a two-time recipient of the National Institute of Mental Health Services Research Award. She hosts an active research program to improve mental health care for high-need populations, publishes regularly in scientific journals and textbooks, and is the chair of the Institutional Review Board at Pepperdine University. Her treatment approaches integrate the scientific principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. She often speaks at national and local events including research, clinical, and corporate conferences and workshops for organizations and schools.

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  • Print Length: 409 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 163152836X
  • Publisher: She Writes Press (April 28, 2020)
  • Publication Date: April 28, 2020


A spiritualist, an insane asylum, a lost little girl . . .

When Clive, anxious to distract a depressed Henrietta, begs Sergeant Frank Davis for a case, he is assigned to investigating a seemingly boring affair: a spiritualist woman operating in an abandoned schoolhouse on the edge of town who is suspected of robbing people of their valuables. What begins as an open and shut case becomes more complicated, however, when Henrietta—much to Clive’s dismay—begins to believe the spiritualist's strange ramblings.

Meanwhile, Elsie begs Clive and Henrietta to help her and the object of her budding love, Gunther, locate the whereabouts of one Liesel Klinkhammer, the German woman Gunther has traveled to America to find and the mother of the little girl, Anna, whom he has brought along with him. The search leads them to Dunning Asylum, where they discover some terrible truths about Liesel. When the child, Anna, is herself mistakenly admitted to the asylum after an epileptic fit, Clive and Henrietta return to Dunning to retrieve her. This time, however, Henrietta begins to suspect that something darker may be happening. When Clive doesn’t believe her, she decides to take matters into her own hands . . . with horrifying results.


Praise for A Child Lost:

“Once again, Cox delivers the passion and intrigue of Henrietta and Clive with a story that leaps right off the page. A Child Lost is a true thrill . . .”
―Paperback Paris

“...vivid descriptive prose and historical accuracy.”
―Publishers Weekly

Praise for the Henrietta and Inspector Howard series:

Praise for A Veil Removed:

2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Finalist in Romance

2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Finalist in Series

“Entertaining . . . composed of large dollops of romance and a soup├žon of mystery, this confection will appeal!"
―Publishers Weekly


This is my first-time reading Michelle Cox’s dynamic duo, Henrietta and Inspector Howard, a Historical Fiction mystery set in 1930’s Chicago. This is the fifth book in the series and read well as a stand alone for me. In this installment of the series, Henrietta is going through depression given a recent miscarriage and Clive (Inspector Howard) knows that a new case will certainly cure the blues for Henrietta. The cases they take involve an asylum, a hypnotist, and a lost child.

Michelle Cox writes masterfully in bringing to life in vivid detail and well researched historical fiction story about asylums and the management of depression/hysteria/epileptic fits in crossing the divide and the stark difference between men and women, those with money and without as well as the prejudices in mental health at the time. The characters’ depth and complexity is beautifully written and that I would appreciate more had I read the previous episodes to get to know Henrietta and Clive in depth. This is a truly enjoyable and addicting series full of personality and wit I truly enjoyed and highly recommend.


Michelle Cox is the author of the multiple award-winning Henrietta and Inspector Howard series as well as Novel Notes of Local Lore, a weekly blog dedicated to Chicagos forgotten residents. She suspects she may have once lived in the 1930s and, having yet to discover a handy time machine lying around, has resorted to writing about the era as a way of getting herself back there. Coincidentally, her books have been praised by Kirkus, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Booklist and many others, so she might be on to something. Unbeknownst to most, Michelle hoards board games she doesnt have time to play and is, not surprisingly, addicted to period dramas and big band music. Also marmalade.


  • Print Length: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Swoon Reads (May 26, 2020)
  • Publication Date: May 26, 2020
  • Sold by: Macmillan 

In Shannon Klare's fun and sexy YA novel Last Chance Summer, a teen is shipped off to work as a counselor at a summer camp--only to butt heads with her co-counselor.

Alex is a sheriff's daughter with a less than pristine reputation. When she's caught drinking at a party by her dad's deputy, she's in deep trouble. With an already incriminating incident in her past, Alex's parents ship her off to her aunt's summer camp to work as a counselor.

What's worse than spending your summer deep in the mosquito-infested woods of Texas?

Being paired with an obnoxious co-counselor who wants nothing to do with you.

Alex is determined to make the best of her summer, even if it means putting up with Grant, who has secrets of his own that he's determined to protect. Can Alex and Grant put their egos to the side and find the bright side of a summer that neither of them signed up for?


This is my first Shannon Klare book and I enjoyed reading this quick and fun YA Romance with relatable characters that I enjoyed reading about. 

Alex is the sheriff’s daughter who is struggling with a recent loss of her best friend and difficulties moving on. As a last chance effort, Alex is sent to work as a counselor in her aunt’s summer camp in Texas. There she meets Grant where the attraction and friendship undeniable. 

I loved the easiness in her writing that had me smiling and laughing rooting for these two as they both help each other moving on with their hurt and past. 

I recommend this book for a fun YA romance that is a quick and fun read great for a wide range of readers.


Shannon Klare is a writer, teacher, reality TV fanatic, and movie connoisseur. When she isn’t writing or daydreaming new plots, Shannon can be found frequenting Starbucks or hanging out with her family. SURVIVING ADAM MEADE is her debut novel.

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ONCE UPON A SUNSET BY Tif Marcelo PUB Gallery Books

  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Gallery Books (March 3, 2020)
  • Language: English

The author of The Key to Happily Ever After—“a true gem filled with heart, laughs, and a cast of delightful characters” (Nina Bocci, USA TODAY bestselling author)—returns with a heartwarming and charming novel about a woman who travels to the Philippines to reconnect with her long-lost family…and manages to find herself along the way.

Diana Gallagher-Cary is at a tipping point. As a Washington, DC, OB/GYN at a prestigious hospital, she uses her career to distract herself from her grief over her granny’s death and her breakup from her long-term boyfriend after her free-spirited mother moves in with her. But when she makes a medical decision that disparages the hospital, she is forced to go on a short sabbatical.

Never one to wallow, Diana decides to use the break to put order in her life, when her mother, Margo, stumbles upon a box of letters from her grandfather, Antonio Cruz, to her grandmother from the 1940s. The two women always believed that Antonio died in World War II, but the letters reveal otherwise. When they learn that he lived through the war, and that they have surviving relatives in the Philippines, Diana becomes determined to connect with the family that she never knew existed, though Margo refuses to face her history. But Diana pushes on, and heads on a once-in-a-lifetime trip that challenges her identity, family history, and her idea of romantic love that could change her life forever.

Infused with Tif Marcelo’s signature “sexy, adorable, and heartfelt” (Kate Meader, USA TODAY bestselling author) voice, Once Upon a Sunset is a moving and lyrical celebration of love, family, and second chances.


Tif Marcelo, the author of ‘The Key to Happily Ever After’ returns with a heartwarming and charming novel about Diana, an OB/GYN physician whose life is disrupted - first by a decision she made professionally against the hospital administration, then a recent break up from a long term boyfriend, her mother Margo moving in, then finally a recent shocking discovery of love letters found after her grandmother’s death.

The letters were from Antonio Cruz, her grandfather written in the 1940’s whom they were told had died during WWII - however, the dates in those letters proved otherwise. Taking a short sabbatical from the hospital, she travels to the Philippines to discover and learn about her living relatives. In the journey to the islands, she discovers much more than a new found family... 

In Tif Marcelo’s signature style incorporating the intricate relationships of family, relationships, food and love, I was transported not only in time of a long lost true love, but also to the bustling sights and sounds of Metro Manila and the beautiful sunsets I have longed for that brought me back to a simpler time. 

Part historical fiction and part literary and women’s fiction, Marcelo delivered a highly personal story inspired by her own grandfather. Also mentioned in this story were the Filipino Farm workers in Central California as well as the Fist and Second Filipino Infantry Regiments of the US Army.


Tif believes in and writes about heart-eyes romance, the strength of families, and the endurance of friendship. A veteran Army Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Public Administration, she is a craft enthusiast, food-lover and the occasional half-marathon runner. As a military spouse, she has moved nine times, and this adventure shows in some of her free-spirited characters. Tif currently lives in the DC area with her own real life military hero and four children.


All the Beautiful Liars
How true are the family histories that tell us who we are and where we come from? Who knows how much all the beautiful liars have embargoed or embellished the truth?

During a long flight from Europe to Sydney to bury her mother, Australian expat Katrina Klain reviews the fading narrative of her family and her long quest to understand her true origins. This has already taken her to Vienna, where she met her Uncle Harald who embezzled the Austrian government out of millions, as well as Carl Sokorny, the godson of one of Hitler's most notorious generals, and then on to Geneva and Berlin. Not only were her family caught up with the Nazis, they also turn out to have been involved with the Stasi in post-war East Germany.

It's a lot to come to terms with, but there are more revelations in store. After the funeral, she finds letters that reveal a dramatic twist which means her own identity must take a radical shift. Will these discoveries enable her to complete the puzzle of her family’s past?

Inspired by her own life story, Sylvia Petter’s enthralling fictional memoir set between the new world and the old is a powerful tale about making peace with the past and finding closure for the future.


This was a book written with a different narrative I easily got used to and could not put down. I was engrossed in this shocking story. Thought the memoir of expat Katrina Klain is fictional, the stories are eye opening and quite shocking.

I was fully engrossed in the story and spent an entire afternoon turning those pages. The characters as they were introduced brought their side of the story with each story a piece of a puzzle to complete her family's past. The story takes us all the way to Australia and all over Europe as the story's layers are slowly revealed.

Sylvia Petter's writing of this book was inspired by her own life story. The story was so well written and creatively presented that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. This was fabulous and a book I highly recommend.

Purchase Link
For a limited time, All the Beautiful Liars will be available for only 99p.

Author Bio –

Sylvia Petter was born in Vienna but grew up in Australia, which makes her Austr(al)ian.
She started writing fiction in 1993 and has published three story collections, The Past Present, Back Burning and Mercury Blobs. She has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of New South Wales.
After living for 25 years in Switzerland, where she was a founding member of the Geneva Writers’ Group, she now lives in Vienna once more.

Social Media Links – @EyeAndLightning @SylviaAPetter