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It’s Not PMS, It’s You
Ruth “Ruthless” Harper is on the verge of becoming managing partner at her all-male consulting firm and she won’t let anything stand in her way. That includes men, relationships, and that dreaded F word, FEELINGS—distractions she eliminated long ago.

After the worst day ever (a near-death experience and a public wedgie, for starters), Ruth realizes she doesn’t want to live and die alone. She puts together a business plan to find the perfect man and dives head first into the murky online dating pool. All she wants is a high-powered executive who understands how important her career is. If only it were that easy.

Problem is most men are intimidated by Ruth’s confidence and shocked by her bluntness. The exception being her landscape designer, Nick, whose cool demeanor and unsolicited dating advice are driving her nuts. He’s the antithesis of the business-oriented man Ruth envisions for herself, so why do all signs keep pointing back to him?


Oh my goodness!!! What a fantastic 5 star read!!

How does Rich Amooi do it - writing a woman's voice who is strong, confident and powerful. I absolutely loved this Rom/Com and kept me smiling the entire time I was reading this.

You will absolutely find yourself rooting for Ruthless Ruth the entire time - she is passionate and is absolutely kicking it at her consulting firm ran by men and on her way up to making partner.

Just like her success in her profession, she sees that making a business plan for her personal life will lead her to not dying alone. Her BFF Dee is one amazing character you will absolutely love.

For an amazing read, pick this book up for an amazing romantic comedy. I was laughing with tears right from the start and to a beautifully satisfying ending. I highly recommend this book for those who would enjoy a contemporary romance. I am going to be reading all of Rich Amooi's other books as I am now a huge fan!!

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Author Bio –

Rich Amooi is a former radio personality and DJ who now writes romantic comedies full-time in San Diego, California. He is happily married to a kiss monster imported from Spain. Rich believes in public displays of affection, silliness, infinite possibilities, donuts, gratitude, laughter, and happily ever after.

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11/20/2019 ARIA Book Tour and REVIEW: 



Book Tour


Who really killed Leo Fenton?

Two years ago, Ben Fenton went camping with his brother Leo. It was the last time they ever saw each other. By the end of that fateful trip, Leo had disappeared, and Ben had been arrested for his murder.

Ben's wife Ana has always protested his innocence. Now, on the hottest day of 2018's sweltering heat wave, she receives a phone call from the police. Leo's body has been found, in a freshly dug grave in her own local churchyard. How did it get there? Who really killed him?

St Albans police, led by DCI Jansen, are soon unpicking a web of lies that shimmers beneath the surface of Ana's well-kept village. But as tensions mount, and the tight-knit community begins to unravel, Ana realises that if she wants to absolve her husband, she must unearth the truth alone.


The Scorched Earth is the second book in the DCI Maarten Jansen police procedural series. The story begins when Ben Fenton wakes up covered in blood in a camping trip with his brother Leo. Leo’s body was never found, but Ben was convicted for his murder. Ana Seabrook, Ben’s girlfriend always believed his innocence. Present day 2018, one of the hottest days on record, bones are found in the Hertfordshire Village of Ayot, close to Ana’s house, in a local churchyard. Ana seems to know so much more than she is letting on, and the police is on her to solve this case.

The story is told between two different timelines, present-day and the night Leo disappeared, and also between various perspectives, mainly those of DCI Jansen, Ana and Ben. I loved the seamlessness of the stories and how it added to the tension it created for the storyline.

I enjoyed reading this book for its characters and the story telling. The pacing was fabulous and had me so intrigued with the different POVs on how the story was told, that I was so engrossed with what is to come next. The slow reveal of the story line was masterfully told, and is Rachael Blok’s enigmatic ability to tell this story full of all the suspense and thrill that I was craving for.

Book Extract:

The earth is hard. The garden parched; cracked and faded, its colours leached and bled.

Every morning, too early, the sun wakes her, burning in from the east. Will not be ignored. They’re both thirsty from the run. Jam with her tongue hanging out. Ana feels like doing the same.

Standing in bare feet on the yellow grass, it’s barely 7 a.m. and already the ground burns like coals. The light is hot on Ana’s face; she closes her eyes to it, turning towards it. So many hot days without a break. She’s already singed.

There had been a storm last night. She was sure there would be some sign of it but it barely registers. The wind is the only force to leave a trace. The dry leaves have been knocked from their branches; the bins are tilted or fallen, rubbish splayed and rotting. A glass left out on the patio has smashed. Its shards catch the light of the morning sun. Their edges flash with the early heat; Ana shivers.

Jam barks at her feet, then runs to scratch at the compost heap. She’s Ana’s shadow on her morning run. The dogs all get their walks early now, their paws burning on the ground once it approaches midday. Jam has been shorn, like a sheep. Her golden coat is cropped close. Her tongue lolls and pants, and Ana imagines she can see the steam rising from it.

‘Kettle on?’

The voice of her mother rattles through the windows Ana had opened on coming downstairs. The pub smell, with its morning belch, is too much for her first thing. Coming home, an unwanted surprise in itself, offers its familiar scent without request, telling of weariness, of one drink too many, like an uncle with bad breath in unwashed jumpers.

‘Coffee? Here.’ Her mother lands a mug on the bar as Ana ducks under the low stone doorway. Her mother is pushing up her sleeves in her faded tartan shirt. She’s wearing Marigolds.

‘Mum, the cleaner is starting this morning. You don’t need to do in here.’

‘Ana, love. I’ve cleaned this bar at 7 a.m. for thirty years, and a bit of…’

‘Mum, look, she’s here.’ Ana opens the door, watching Jess arrive in flared jeans and Rainbow T-shirt, smiling at the sixty-year-old; her hair catches the sun, glancing off the purple tinge from a dye grown out, and the rest fading upwards into a soft grey.

Her mum looks nervous as she smiles ready for Jess, who shouts ‘Bye, love’ outside the open window, in answer to the male voice saying, ‘See you later, Mum’. The back doors of a white van are visible through the window.

It must be hard for her mum, handing the reins to someone else. But watching her mother wince when she stood after scrubbing, pull her shoulders with a grimace – well, Ana had insisted. She can see the cracks in her mother. She’s grown brittle, like the earth.

Ana needs to be useful. Now she’s here.

‘I’ll get started then. This for me? Ta.’ Jess picks up Ana’s coffee and takes a drink.

Ana catches her mother’s eye and they smile.

‘Got police out already I see, up at the temple graveyard.’

‘Police?’ Ana asks quickly.

‘Yes, I got Charlie to stop the van and I asked on my way past. Anyway, the police are there for something to do with a body, I’m guessing. Sunny Atkinson was there. I know his mum. Said I wasn’t to say anything as he’s not supposed to talk about it. Got his police gear on and all that, but I’ve known him since nappies.’

‘A body? What? Someone’s died?’

‘Well, that’s the thing.’ Jess leans in for a second, hand on the wooden bar, cloths hung over the real ale handles, ice buckets empty and upended. ‘It’s not just someone’s died. Seems someone’s gone and been buried. In a new grave. Done it in the night. Not supposed to be there is what Sunny says. Someone’s put a body in a grave what they’ve dug themselves. Must’ve been hard in that wind. I wouldn’t have wanted to hang around a graveyard in that.’ She leans out and reaches for the bucket, shuddering.

‘Who is it?’ Ana’s mum leans over the bar, mug in hand. ‘Who’s dead?’

‘Well, ain’t that the thing. They don’t know. Sunny tells me, it’s not a new body. Looks like it’s been dead a while. No question, right queer affair.’

 Author BIO:

I grew up in Durham and now live in Hertfordshire. My crime series is set in the cathedral city of St Albans. Here, Maarten Jansen struggles against his plain-speaking Dutch upbringing when faced with the seemingly polite world of the picturesque city.

Under the Ice is the first novel in the series, available now from bookshops and online. The Scorched Earth is out in hardback in November.

I'm constantly surprised how differently stories turn out on paper than in their original planning. Fiction has a life of its own.

Follow me on Twitter at @MsRachaelBlok

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The first story in a brand-new series, Lake Season invites readers to the Bluebell Inn in a small North Carolina town where a lost letter, a chance for new love, and old secrets beckon.

When their parents die in a tragic accident, Molly Bennett and her siblings pull together to fulfill their parents’ dream of turning their historic Bluebell, North Carolina, home back into an inn. Staying in town would be temporary—three years at most—then they plan to sell the inn, and Molly can get back to chasing her own dreams.

Adam Bradford (aka bestselling author Nathaniel Quinn) is a reclusive novelist with a bad case of writer’s block. Desperate for inspiration as his deadline approaches, he travels to the setting of his next book, a North Carolina lake town. There, he meets his muse, a young innkeeper who fancies herself in love with his alter ego.

Molly and Adam strike up an instant friendship. When Molly finds a long-lost letter in the walls of her inn, she and Adam embark on a mission to find the star-crossed lovers and bring them the closure they deserve. But Adam has secrets he isn’t ready to share. Past and present collide as truths surface, and Molly and Adam will have to decide if love is worth trusting.


When their parents die in a tragic car accident, Molly Bennett and her siblings Grace and Levi work together to finish what their parents started, converting their home in the historic Bluebell, North Carolina into an inn. Molly puts on hold up her coveted internship in Italy for her hospitality degree, Levi moves back home to help, along with their youngest Grace as she finishes high school.

Adam Bradford (aka bestselling author Nathanial Quinn) has a bad case of writer’s block and decide to write his next best seller in a lake town to gain more inspiration. His books have been turned into movies and he has yet to reveal himself to the public. He meets Molly, as a guest in her inn, and their attraction to each other was unmistakable. Adam knew that Molly would be his muse.

Molly Bennett in her spare time, loves reading her romance novels by Nathanial Quinn, who is her favorite author, and have read his books over a dozen times. What happens when she overhears that one of her guests may be the elusive author?

Also, during the renovations, Molly finds a long-lost love letter in the walls of her inn, where it was a post office at a time. Knowing Adam is doing research about Bluebell, she partners with him to find the couple.

I enjoyed this book! The love story that develops between Molly and Adam was so sweet and tender that gave me flutters. I love how they met, and how their attraction for each other developed - though with some misunderstanding along the way. I enjoyed how the story was told in two time frames and how it collided beautifully into the present. What a fantastic read that I highly recommend.



Denise Hunter is the internationally published bestselling author of more than 30 books, including "The Convenient Groom" and "A December Bride" which have been made into Hallmark movies. She has appeared on the The 700 club and won awards such as The Holt Medallion Award, The Carol Award, The Reader's Choice Award, The Foreword Book of the Year Award, and is a RITA finalist.

Denise writes heartwarming, small-town love stories. Her readers enjoy the experience of falling in love vicariously through her characters and can expect a happily-ever-after sigh as they close the pages of her books.

In 1996, inspired by the death of her grandfather, Denise began her first book, writing while her children napped. Two years later it was published, and she's been writing ever since. Her husband says he inspires all her romantic stories, but Denise insists a good imagination helps too!

When Denise isn't orchestrating love lives on the written page, she enjoys traveling with her family, drinking coffee, and playing drums. Denise makes her home in Indiana where she and her husband are currently enjoying an empty nest.       

Tell us a little about the real Denise Hunter behind the books. Married? Write full time or part time? Introvert or extrovert?

I’ve been happily married for 28 years, and we have 3 boys—1 married, 1 in college, one finishing high school. I’m definitely introverted, and I’ve been writing for 20 years.

What are three unique or fun things about you?
I play the drums, I love to travel the world, and I eat my cereal dry.

When you read for relaxation, what genre, books or authors do you turn to?
I’m a romance reader all the way. I also read women’s fiction, but it has to have a romantic thread. Some of my favorite authors are Francine Rivers, Diane Chamberlain, and Kristin Hannah.

Tell us about the Chapel Springs series.
The series is set in the fictional river town of Chapel Springs, Indiana (my home state) and features the McKinley family. Each book stands on its own and tells the love story of one of the four grown McKinley children. Readers can expect family drama, romance, tears and laughter, and always, a happily ever after sigh.

Why write for the Christian market?
Since faith is integral to my life, I can’t imagine writing anything else. It’s a challenge to show faith in an authentic way in a novel, but doing so gives the reader a chance to walk in a character’s shoes, to feel her feelings and think her thoughts. Showing a faith journey in novel form can help readers see things in a new way or cause them to ponder their own circumstances in light of what they’ve learned. What a joy to go on that journey with readers!

As the writer of over 20 books, have there been changes in the publishing industry that you've had to adapt to?
The publishing world is changing, and rapidly. I feel blessed to have contracts, a wonderful publisher, and loyal readers (whom I dearly love!) in this evolving industry. So much of it is out of my hands, but that’s true of life in general. All we can do is trust God, day by day, and be thankful for the blessings we already have.

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The Wicked Lord's Mistress

Pub DATE: 9th September 2019
PUBLISHER: Victorian Lovers
The Wicked Lord’s Mistress is set in the late Victorian period (1886) for fans of upstairs/downstairs dramas such as Downton Abbey and steamy romances. It explores the continuing love story between Lily, a lady’s maid at Torrington Hall, and a handsome, mysterious aristocratic hero called Lord Edgar Wilson.

Lily is surrounded by challenges from all sides. She is being blackmailed by the evil Mallkins, she has a secret past that she is trying to hide, and her forbidden love affair with Lord Wilson grows more risky every day. Can their lusty affair transform into the tender and lasting love that Lily craves? And given the differences in their class, is a happy ending possible for them?

Then a new enemy comes into Lily’s life, someone who is determined to destroy her. Lily finds herself facing the greatest challenge of her life, and hopes that Lord Wilson will be her hero.

Book 1: The Wicked Lord and the Lady's Maid
Book 2: The Wicked Lord's Mistress
Book 3: The Wicked Lord's Lost Love (coming November 2019)  


I did not have the chance to read the 1st book of this series but I did feel that it worked well for me as a stand alone. I enjoyed Scarlett Jameson's writing and is a first read author for me. I will read the other books as I have enjoyed the character development in this book and found them to be son interesting and loved reading about them.

The story had a lot going on which is wonderful because it kept me turning the pages and the excitement to what is to come next. I loved the drama in this book and it just kept coming one after another after another. My goodness poor Lily!! However, I did enjoyed the pacing and thought the writing  was really well done.

If you enjoy stories about impossible love among the wealthy and the poor, keeping up with appearances, and stories of the late Victorian period then this story is going to be for you.

I recommend this seductive and steamy love story. What a fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed!!

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Author BIO

Scarlett Jameson works in publishing by day and by night enjoys writing steamy historical romances. A lover of all things Victorian, she lives in London with her cat.
You can subscribe to Scarlett's newsletter here

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TITLE: Outreach
PUB: The Book Guild
PUB Date: 25th September, 2019
AUTHOR: Shelly Berry


When Emily was offered a new job in London, she was sure that her life was about to change – new friends, a career in the big city and the boyfriend she always wanted.

Her new life turns out to be more complicated than she expected. Her flat mates don’t understand her. Her colleagues mock everything about her. Even her father doesn’t support her. The only person who offers her any encouragement is David.

He’s married. He’s her manager. To Emily it’s clear that they have something special. As their relationship develops, everyone seems to want to sabotage their chances.

But some things are meant to be...

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Emily started a new job in London, for the (DAA) Drug and Alcohol Action providing support for people with addiction. Emily was sure that this job will surely impress her father and receive the attention she has long craved for. Emily is looking forward to new friends and new colleagues in this new found career.

Struggling to fit in with her new flat mates and colleagues from the very start, her manager David provides support and reassurance that is misread by Emily as more than the professional relationship it truly is.

Emily’s relationship with her father is rather non-existent and as cold as ice, Emily finds solace and attraction to David's warmth and caring behavior and slightly flirtatious banter at work.
Emily’s imaginary world that she has created developed into distractions that have affected her work and the people whose lives she has been managing at the DAA - even putting a child’s life in potential danger.

Shelly Berry brilliantly writes about a deeply and psychologically troubled woman whose reality and naivety stems from the lack of familial love. Berry writes a complex character you cannot help but feel sorry for. As much as you want to be angry and upset with Emily, you will understand that basic need of every human being is love and affection. To the very end, the psychological damage runs deep.

Well done Berry on a very deep exploration into the human psyche.

Author Bio

Shelly Berry lives in Waltham Forest, London. Having gained a BA Joint Honours Degree in Visual Art and Sociology at Keele University and a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, she has since worked in the public sector with vulnerable adults and children – including those affected by mental illness, drug and alcohol misuse, disability, criminal behaviour, homelessness and domestic and sexual abuse. During this time, Shelly developed and nurtured her love of writing. As well as writing fiction, she has previously written for a number of blogs and now writes for the Waltham Forest Echo.

Social Media Links – twitter @ShellyBerryUK
Author Photo credit Bianca Kirby.

Giveaway to Win – 5 x PB copies of Outreach (UK Only)

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Ten Things My Husband Hated

Pauline Wiles

Nov 12, 2019

Ebook 229 pgs.

Maggie Moone is happily divorced.

And with her talent for fixing things, she’s perfectly content with her mundane life in the sleepy English village of Saffron Sweeting. That is, until one humiliating March evening when she learns everyone else assumes she’d love to mend her broken marriage.

Determined to prove them wrong, Maggie and her friends concoct a list of ten ways to assert her independence and live large. But her mission to move on leads to unexpected encounters, and Maggie soon finds herself mixing business with pleasure. Is the attractive young Irishman just another item on her list, or is he something more?

Before long, unresolved issues from her past begin to clash, and Maggie is forced to wonder if antagonising her ex-husband was such a stellar idea.

No sooner does she begin to understand what’s important to her, than she stands to lose everything that truly matters.

This is the fourth in the collection of Saffron Sweeting romantic comedies, which can be read in any order. If you like gentle British humour and deliciously resilient heroines, you’ll love Ten Things My Husband Hated.
I love reading anything about the British way of life, the traditions, the settings and of course the way love is supposed to conquer all. This is the fourth book in the Saffron Sweeting romantic comedy series but reads well as a stand alone.
This was a very heartwarming story about Maggie and Flynn and their sweet journey to find love and also second chances. I loved Pauline Wiles writing and keeping the story with the right amount of plot twists and comedic interludes. The story will definitely make you smile and even the occasional laugh out loud moments. I connected very much with Maggie and loved the cast of characters in her little town.
This book was quite enjoyable and would love to read more about Saffron Sweeting. Wiles is a first author for me and I hope to read the rest of the series and more from Pauline Wiles.
I highly recommend this book for an absolutely heartwarming story of love and sweet romance.

Purchase  Link

Author Bio

British by birth, Pauline is now a contented resident of California, although she admits to occasional yearnings for afternoon tea and historic homes.

Her debut novel, Saving Saffron Sweeting, reached the quarter final of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Three further books set in the same village are now available, along with a collection of short stories and Indie With Ease, a self-help guide for other self-published authors.

When not writing, Pauline can be found pondering how many miles she has to run to justify an extra piece of cake. She’s also fond of daydreaming about flying herself and a reader to London for tea.