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11.30.2020 Joe Biden: The Life, the Run, and What Matters Now By Scribner Books


A concise, brilliant, and trenchant examination of Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s successful lifelong quest for the presidency by National Book Award winner Evan Osnos.

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. has been called both the luckiest man and the unluckiest—fortunate to have sustained a fifty-year political career that reached the White House, but also marked by deep personal losses and disappointments that he has suffered.

Yet even as Biden’s life has been shaped by drama, it has also been powered by a willingness, rare at the top ranks of politics, to confront his shortcomings, errors, and reversals of fortune. As he says, “Failure at some point in your life is inevitable, but giving up is unforgivable.” His trials have forged in him a deep empathy for others in hardship—an essential quality as he leads America toward recovery and renewal.

Blending up-close journalism and broader context, Evan Osnos, who won the National Book Award in 2014, draws on nearly a decade of reporting for The New Yorker to capture the characters and meaning of 2020’s extraordinary presidential election. It is based on lengthy interviews with Biden and on revealing conversations with more than a hundred others, including President Barack Obama, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, and a range of activists, advisers, opponents, and Biden family members.

This portrayal illuminates Biden’s long and eventful career in the Senate, his eight years as Obama’s vice president, his sojourn in the political wilderness after being passed over for Hillary Clinton in 2016, his decision to challenge Donald Trump for the presidency, and his choice of Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.

Osnos ponders the difficulties Biden faces as his presidency begins and weighs how a changing country, a deep well of experiences, and a rigorous approach to the issues, have altered his positions. In this nuanced portrait, Biden emerges as flawed, yet resolute, and tempered by the flame of tragedy—a man who just may be uncannily suited for his moment in history.
“[From] an immensely talented reporter for The New Yorker, Joe Biden ably takes the measure of the man and the politician, presenting a picture of the Democratic nominee that is in a few ways unexpected.” —The Washington Post

“[A] probing biographical sketch, drawing on vivid reportage from his New Yorker profiles [and] shrewd analysis, the result is a portrait of the candidate that’s smart and evocative.” —Publishers Weekly

“[A] solid foundation for evaluating one of the most important figures in American governance.” —Booklist

“Reading Joe Biden: The Life, the Run, and What Matters Now, a slim but comprehensive and compelling book by the New Yorker writer Evan Osnos, has only strengthened my positive impression of the Democratic nominee.” —Max Boot, The Washington Post

“If you need a rapid and readable Biden briefing, it’s for you.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Osnos draws on his years covering Biden for the New Yorker to provide a rich narrative for the former vice president’s life.” —The National Book Review

“It is impossible to come away from Osnos’s biography without a sense of awe at what Biden has overcome to arrive at this point.” —The Guardian

“Evan Osnos asks how the Democrat candidate has defied odds in the race for the White House.” —Financial Times

“This biography covers the candidate’s career as a senator and vice president as well as his life on the campaign trail.” —The New York Times Book Review


Joseph R. Biden Jr. dubbed both the luckiest and the unluckiest man.

We know Biden, but we also don’t know much about him so in my quest to find the book about our president elect, I devoured this book, a quick read and great insight about what made him as he is today.

Osnos delivered a deftly written biography of a man whose road to the White House was through an impressive fifty-year political career. In this captivating portrait of a man whose losses, suffering, ambitions, and values , friendship with Barack Obama, and his views of the world, I found this to be an amazing and profound read, of our President-elect.

I highly recommend this quick read. You will garner a lot of insights in this well balanced and fairly written political biography. Well done!!


Evan Osnos joined The New Yorker as a staff writer in 2008. He is a correspondent in Washington, D.C. who writes about politics and foreign affairs. He is the author of "Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China" (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, May 2014). Based on eight years of living in Beijing, the book traces the rise of the individual in China, and the clash between aspiration and authoritarianism. He was the China Correspondent at The New Yorker magazine from 2008 to 2013. He is a contributor to This American Life on public radio, and Frontline, the PBS series. Prior to The New Yorker, he worked as the Beijing bureau chief of the Chicago Tribune, where he contributed to a series that won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting. He has received the Asia Society’s Osborn Elliott Prize for Excellence in Journalism on Asia, the Livingston Award for Young Journalists, and a Mirror Award for profile-writing. Before his appointment in China, he worked in the Middle East, reporting mostly from Iraq.

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Akea – His Mother’s Son

Akea is no ordinary husky and taking her place as Wolf Queen was just the first step in the journey set out for her by the Great Wolf. Akea's world turns upside down when humans raid their home, scattering the pack and capturing her hybrid son. Salvador struggles to adjust to a life in captivity quickly realising not everyone approves of his mother's rise to Wolf Queen. When the Great Wolf sends him warning dreams, Salvador discovers his true purpose for being there.

“Ms Jade perfectly captures the atmosphere of life as part of the wolfpack and its many challenges. Her stories remind me of Jack London’s Call of the Wild, and with ‘His Mother’s Son’ she proves she not only has a knack for creating realistic and powerful characters, but a talent for describing the wild settings they inhabit with a natural confidence that is quite charming.” Colin Garrow (author)


Akea - His Mother's Son is the second book from the Akea series and this was a wonderful read I loved this so much!! A must read for all dog lovers who want a heartwarming read for these tough times.

In this installment, the focus is on the next generation as Akea becomes the Wolf Queen. This story is a quick read and I really had fun reading this and getting immersed into the adventure and amazing storyline. This is a great book for all ages and a great book to read aloud to young children too. It is a story that is so heart felt, focuses on the family and love for one another. 

Elizabeth Jade is such a talented and gifted writer that has a knack for the words in this precious story with lots of heart and love for nature, and our environment. 

I highly recommend this read - would make a great stocking stuffer too for the holidays.

Purchase Links

Amazon UK -

Amazon US -


Author Bio

Elizabeth Jade was born in 1998 in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England, but moved with her family to Wellington in Somerset when she was very young. Her early schooling did not go smoothly, and as a result, she was home-schooled from the age of seven. Her parents soon learned she had a unique slant on life and quickly abandoned attempts to follow the national curriculum in favour of child-led learning.

Elizabeth stumbled into writing at the age of fourteen when she began to suffer from anxiety and depression and quickly found her story ideas pouring out faster than she could get them onto paper.  It wasn’t until the age of eighteen that she realised her struggles in school had been due to Aspergers Syndrome (an autistic spectrum disorder).

As an enthusiastic animal lover, Elizabeth volunteered first at the Conquest Riding Centre for the Disabled and then at St Giles Animal Rescue before moving on to the Cats Protection Homing and Information Centre.  Her gifted way with the cats quickly earned her the title of ‘Cat Whisperer’ from the staff. Since she had always possessed such a way with animals, it was only natural for her story ideas to revolve around them.  

Elizabeth’s personal experience as a young author with the challenges of autism, depression and anxiety, along with her writing theme of acceptance and overcoming obstacles, have led to her having a junior school class named after her.


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11.21.2020 HARPER'S HEROES By Rosie Clarke Hosted by Rachel's Random Resources - Boldwood Books

Harpers Heroes

From the bestselling author of the Welcome to Harpers Emporium and The Mulberry Lane Series.
The Harpers Girls come face to face with the harsh reality of the cruelty of war.

Oxford Street, London 1915

Sally Harper quietly battles to keep Harpers afloat in the difficult days of the war, whilst husband Ben is working all hours for the War Office.

Beth Burrow is fighting concern for her husband Jack, now at sea with the Merchant Navy, and the fear she may never see him again and be blessed with a child.

Driven to exhaustion, Maggie Gibbs, is now working as a nursing assistant on the battlefields in France. With the everyday horrors of the casualties of war to contend with she suffers her own personal tragedy when her fiancé's plane ditches in the sea.

Can the Harpers Girls and their loved ones survive the perils of war and find a path to future happiness?

A heart-warming saga following the lives, loves and losses of the Harpers Girls. Perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries, Pam Howes and Dilly Court.


I have followed the Harper Series since book one and I just keep loving each of the book more and more. The writing as I have come to expect from Rosie Clarke is always exceptional, well-written, amazing and complex characters I have come to love both old and new, and well-researched. I enjoyed the time period of early 1900's WWI and the comings and goings of the everyday life of people and how they are affected by the war as it continues to last in the setting of London and Oxford Street at the Emporium. 

In this installment the Harper Girls are coming to the realities of the horrors of the war and even experiencing this first hand. Everyone seems to be feeling the effects of the war and most especially Maggie as she is in the front lines as a nurse assistant, but each one of the Harper Girls are suffering at through their own ways. These ladies are certainly heroes. 

Amazing writing that just gets better and better. This one was so heart wrenching and a really amazing read of a time so harrowing and yet the Harper Girls seem to always know how to bring hope around this tumultuous times. A tear jerker of a read, and so well done. I really oved it!

Purchase Link -

Author Bio – Rosie Clarke is a #1 bestselling saga writer whose most recent books include The Mulberry Lane series. She has written over 100 novels under different pseudonyms and is a RNA Award winner. She lives in Cambridgeshire.

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11.13.2020 KPOP CONFIDENTIAL By Stephan Lee - Scholastic Books


Hello Friends! I am super excited to showcase a book today, that I absolutely enjoyed reading and have consumed me for the past few days - I am so delighted to have come across this fun book and a book that brought back the trip I took to Seoul and Busan last spring for the cherry blossom season. It reminded me how I loved the Korean culture, the food, the bustling city, the vibe and of course, KPOP. 

Check this book out, I highly recommend it!

ISBN-13 : 978-1338639933
Paperback : 336 pages
ISBN-10 : 1338639935
Dimensions : 5.25 x 0.05 x 8 inches
Publisher : Point (September 15, 2020)

Candace Park knows a lot about playing a role. For most of her life, she's been playing the role of the quiet Korean girl who takes all AP classes and plays a classical instrument, keeping her dreams of stardom-and her obsession with SLK, K-pop's top boyband-to herself. She doesn't see how a regular girl like her could possibly become one of those K-pop goddesses she sees on YouTube. Even though she can sing. Like, really sing.

So when Candace secretly enters a global audition held by SLK's music label, the last thing she expects is to actually get a coveted spot in their trainee program. And convincing her strict parents to let her to go is all but impossible ... although it's nothing compared to what comes next.

Under the strict supervision of her instructors at the label's headquarters in Seoul, Candace must perfect her performance skills to within an inch of her life, learn to speak Korean fluently, and navigate the complex hierarchies of her fellow trainees, all while following the strict rules of the industry. Rule number one? NO DATING, which becomes impossible to follow when she meets a dreamy boy trainee. And in the all-out battle to debut, Candace is in danger of planting herself in the middle of a scandal lighting up the K-pop fandom around the world.

If she doesn't have what it takes to become a perfect, hair-flipping K-pop idol, what will that mean for her family, who have sacrificed everything to give her the chance? And is a spot in the most hyped K-pop girl group of all time really worth risking her friendships, her future, and everything she believes in?


KPOP Confidential a debut novel by Stephan Lee is a completely addictive read I loved that I could not put down. It is a beautiful and well written YA novel that is centered upon the beauty of the Korean culture, following your heart and your dreams, family and friendship, and of course KPop.

The story is about Candace Park, a Korean American from New Jersey raised by her traditional parents who came to America from Seoul who are now convenience store owners. Forced to take on viola despite her love for singing and composing music, she learns to instead “air bow” or fake play the viola, and then secretly trying out for the next all-girl kpop group. Her vocal talent is enough to land her a summer training program in Seoul.

Kpop Confidential exposes the true cost of being a superstar from the glamorous exterior to the harsh realities of the competition between young teens who had been in training all their lives.

What is revealed next is the rigorous and intense program of strict diet, dancing and singing training, 4 hours of sleep, bleeding feet, no contact with family, Korean language intensive, and the extreme lengths of transforming and becoming a worldwide sensation.

With the perfect blend of poignant and hilarious, you will fall in love with the story, the culture, and the characters.

Whether you know kpop or not, this is a wonderful novel that will definitely diversify your read, and for sure increase your Korean vocabulary too. I guarantee it!

Daebak! Amazing I really enjoyed this book.

I highly recommend!


Stephan Lee is a YA enthusiast, ardent K-Pop fan and journalist. He currently works as an Associate Director at Bustle after a five-year stretch at Entertainment Weekly. At EW, he wrote features and reviews and once traveled to Seoul to write a feature about Korean entertainment's world domination. He earned an MFA in Creative Writing at The New School and is also working on his debut novel for adults.

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11.08.2020 The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery By Su Young Lee

The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery

Fluttering cherry blossoms, gorgeous kimonos and sweet and sorrowful love.

For cake-loving college girl Hana, Japan was the romantic destination of her dreams. With boyfriend Jin she planned an exciting new life in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. But when she finally arrives after months of planning, Jin isn't there.

Hana is left broken-hearted on a rainy Tokyo street. Jin left no note. One day he just walked out of classes and disappeared.

Hana begins her new life alone. Watching cherry blossoms fall into the Tokyo river. Working hard and delivering her lovely home-baked cakes by orange bicycle. Then she meets handsome young farmer Hikaru, and glimpses a new way forward - in an alien place where she doesn't know a soul.

The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery is a sweet romance with a hint of magic realism. It's a perfect book to carry with you and read on holiday or weekends.


Tokyo is such a lovely city and one of my most favorite places to visit, so when given the opportunity to read this book, I was immediately drawn to it, and I am glad to have had the chance to read this fantastic book I loved from cover to cover that I could not get enough of. The story is beautiful and is deep with a lot of emotion and understanding of relationships. It's about following your heart wherever it may lead you and accepting fate and whatever is to come next. With some magic, love, adventure and food, you are bound to love something about this book, and I loved it all!

This book is centered on Hana - a college student from Seoul who travels to Tokyo to meet her boyfriend Jin who has mysteriously disappeared. What comes next is Hana's adventure through Tokyo through her talent in making cakes and meeting other people in the neighborhood, and in the community she is new to. 

The story is beautiful, I enjoyed every bit of the wonderful neighborhood, the amazing deliciousness of the food that is connecting the people into a unifying force that is has completely entranced me through this magic.

I highly recommend this book!

Purchase Links - Amazon US here / Amazon UK here

Author Bio – 

Su Young Lee is a Korean romance author who lived in Tokyo, Japan for 10 years and now lives in London, England with her husband and two lovely cats.

Su works in academic publishing and loves baking, playing piano and working on her calligraphy.

Check her blog here.

11.09.2020 Christmas at the Cornish Confetti Agency By Daisy James


Christmas at the Cornish Confetti Agency

It's Christmas at The Cornish Confetti Agency!

When Lexie Harrington is asked to choreograph Phoebe and Sam’s Christmas-themed wedding, she can’t wait to create the perfect winter wonderland - elegantly dressed fir trees, glossy garlands of holly and mistletoe, baskets of yule logs and pine cones, and the mouth-watering fragrance of gingerbread, cinnamon sticks and warm mulled wine floating through the air.

With handsome wedding columnist-cum-fledgling scriptwriter Theo Barker at her side, she’s confident that she can create the perfect festive ambience the bride and groom have been dreaming of since their engagement in the Swiss Alps; no rampant hosepipes, no mechanical mice, no confetti-filled hairdryers.

But this is The Cornish Confetti Agency, and the words ‘plain-sailing’ and ‘hassle-free’ do not feature in the promotional brochure. So, when a much-loved portrait of the groom’s father is adorned with pirate eye-patches and black plastic moustaches, and his expensive cologne is switched for toilet cleaner, Lexie and Theo must once again don their metaphorical deerstalkers and unravel the mystery before the wedding dissolves into Christmas-themed chaos and calamity.

A perfect Christmas wedding?
Is there such a thing for The Cornish Confetti Agency?

A glittery, feel-good story perfect for the festive season, and the third book in The Cornish Confetti Agency series.


The Christmas at the Cornish Confetti Agency is book three of the series and this was my first read from author Daisy James. I do love this theme about a wedding planner and all the excitement that goes along with the business of making dreams come true and ensuring and planning the perfect day for the perfect couple.

I loved how the character of Lexie Harrington was written - she is my kind of a gal who will take things through and do whatever it takes for a successful wedding and all the details that go along with the planning.

The element of mystery and surprise was also something I loved in this book and where every page is a delight to read about.

The setting is perfect and I enjoyed this quick and fun read so much!

This book got me in the right mood to start my holiday reading and bringing that fun and funny joyous read I definitely needed.

Thank you author Daisy James for the well written and delightful book I truly enjoyed.

Purchase Links

UK -

US -

Author Bio –

Daisy James loves writing stories with strong heroines and swift-flowing plotlines. She especially likes to create sunshine-filled settings in exotic locations - the Caribbean, Tuscany, Cornwall, Provence - so she can spend her time envisioning her characters enjoying the fabulous scenery and sampling the local food and drink.

When not scribbling away in her peppermint-and-green summerhouse (garden shed), she spends her time sifting flour and sprinkling sugar and edible glitter. She loves gossiping with friends over a glass of something fizzy or indulging in a spot of afternoon tea - china plates and teacups are a must.

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Instagram - @daisyjamesbooks

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11.07.2020 The Bachelor’s Bride by Holly Bush BOOK BLAST - Hosted by @HFVBT


The Bachelor’s Bride by Holly Bush

Publication Date: November 17, 2020
Holly Bush Books
eBook; 244 pages

Genre: Romance/America/Victorian
Series: The Thompsons of Locust Street, Book One

Meet the Thompsons of Locust Street, an unconventional family taking Philadelphia high society by storm…

1868 Elspeth Thompson is the middle daughter in a family with tightly held secrets. While she loves her family, she longs to break out from their overprotective hold, to find herself, to be noticed for who she is rather than as chaperone to her beautiful younger sister, Kirsty, or underling to her elder sister, Muireall. A chance meeting under scandalous circumstances offers her the opportunity to be seen for herself, but the repercussions could lead to the downfall of her family.

Confirmed bachelor Alexander Pendergast enjoys his position as the right-hand man of one of the most influential and powerful politicians in Philadelphia. Heir to the largest textile mill on the east coast, Alexander is handsome, charming, and the ultimate catch on high society’s matrimonial market. But he has no interest in settling down with a pampered debutante. He doubts the perfect woman for him actually exists…until he meets Elspeth Thompson.

But the Thompsons and Pendergasts move in different circles, and Elspeth has no desire to be judged and found wanting by Philadelphia’s first families. Though she tries to resist Alexander’s charms, when he comes to her family’s rescue, she knows there’s more to him than she’d first thought. But Alexander realizes that his ambitions may have placed Elspeth and her family in grave danger. With an unseen enemy determined to uncover the Thompson family’s secrets, Alexander grapples with secrets of his own, secrets that could cost him the only woman he’s ever truly cared about.

When Elspeth finds herself in terrible danger, can she muster the inner strength of her ancestors to save herself and her family and find the courage to meet love head on?

Available for Pre-Order on Amazon & Barnes and Noble

About the Author

“Love always has something to say. Sometimes it shouts from the highest hill, and sometimes it whispers so softly one must listen closely to hear. Do not turn away. It is a rare and precious commodity. Treasure it.” The Gentrys of Paradise

Holly Bush's historical romances are set during the turbulent and transformative years of the late 1800’s. The first two books in her newest series, The Gentrys of Paradise, released in the spring of 2017 and began with the novella Into the Evermore where readers meet Virginia horse breeders, Eleanor and Beauregard Gentry. The following books feature their children, Adam, Matthew, and Olivia. For the Brave is Matthew’s story and is the first full length book of the series. Olivia's book, For This Moment, released in the spring of 2018. The final book, For Her Honor, is now available.

The Crawford Family Series following the fortunes of the three Boston born Crawford sisters and includes Train Station Bride, Contract to Wed, Her Safe Harbor, and companion novella, The Maid’s Quarters. Cross the Ocean and Charming the Duke are both British set Victorian romances. Fan favorites stand-alone historical romance novels include Romancing Olive and Reconstructing Jackson. Holly's books are described as ‘emotional, with heartfelt, sexy romance.’

She also writes General Fiction under the name of Hollis Bush.

Holly makes her home with her husband, one happy Labrador Retriever and a clever Jack Russell rescued from the pound, and two difficult cats in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Connect with Holly at, on Twitter @hollybushbooks, and on Facebook at Holly Bush. Follow Holly on her Amazon author page to receive new release updates and on BookBub to check out her reviews and get sale information.

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The giveaway is open to US residents only and ends on November 16th. You must be 18 or older to enter.

Bachelor's Bride

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11.4.2020 Wedding Vows and Cornish Ribbons (Return to Cornwall Book 1) By Laura Briggs - ENJOY AN EXTRACT

Wedding Vows and Cornish Ribbons

Event planner Julianne Rose is on the verge of making her dreams of ‘rescuing’ weddings in need of help a reality. She and business partner Kitty have finally finished transforming the dilapidated barn into a chic event space, and they even have a new client eager to use it—a quirky, charming space organization guru named Deirdre who seems capable of organizing everything but her own special day. As if that wasn’t enough, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity soon presents itself through the who’s who of their sleepy little Cornish village: the chance to step into the event planning void for a posh bride in desperate need of an emergency salvage for her wedding plans. A wedding that could establish Julianne and Kitty as two of Cornwall’s best event planners if all goes well.

But an event that big doesn’t come without a catch. To persuade the posh clients to commit to them, Julianne and Kitty must first impress them with the ceremony for their current bride-to-be—a task that seemed easy, but proves complicated when stories emerge involving a history of broken engagements, cold feet, and commitment phobia on the part of Deirdre, who soon begins to exhibit possible symptoms of nervousness regarding her big day. Faced with a real case of runaway bride—and with their future reputation at stake— they must attempt to the impossible task of holding together a wedding fraying at its seams, and Julianne finds herself seemingly facing a choice between what’s best for Save the Date’s survival and what’s best for her client’s happiness, regardless of the cost.

Are Julianne’s worst fears about to be realized, with Deirdre gearing up for yet another run from the church altar? Can she persuade the posh but sympathetic bride Alexi to take a risk on Save the Date regardless of it? And will Julianne and the handsome-but-equally-busy Matt find time to smolder anything in their marriage besides leftover chicken pie? Readers will learn these answers and more in the funny and heartfelt sequel to the first full-length titular novel Return to Cornwall .


This was a fantastic story about wedding and event planner Julianne and her ever so loyal friend and business partner Kitty. They are finally making their own dreams come true after fixing up a dilapidated farm into a fantastic and gorgeous venue for their business making their clients' dream wedding come true. By proving themselves with Deidre their new client, will help establish Julianne and Kitty's reputation as the premiere wedding and event planner in Cornwall. There is only one major issue and that is Deidre - a professional organizer guru has a reputation to get nervous and risk a runaway bride situation. Oh my gosh, what a fun and crazy ride this was, that I could not turn the pages fast enough to see what happens. 

Reading this book, and returning to beautiful Cornwall and what a delight to visit again through Laura Brigg's writing and amazing characters I enjoy reading about. reminded me why I absolutely adore Laura Briggs - the well written plot, great characters, amazing location and scenery, fantastic dialogue and just an overall feel good read I needed. Thank you Laura for another amazing book! I really enjoyed this one. 

Purchase Links

Author Bio – 

Laura Briggs is the author of several feel-good romance reads, including the Top 100 Amazon UK seller 'A Wedding in Cornwall'. She has a fondness for vintage style dresses (especially ones with polka dots), and reads everything from Jane Austen to modern day mysteries. When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to church, caring for her pets, gardening, and seeing the occasional movie or play.

Social Media Links –

Author Facebook:


Please enjoy this fabulous extract from the book:

Thank you so much to Michelle for this opportunity to share an extract from my newest romance book with her lovely readers! Titled Wedding Vows and Cornish Ribbons, it is the first book in a new series about wedding planner Julianne as she balances work and family life. In the following scene, Julianne learns more about her new client’s past as a supposed ‘runaway bride’. 


"I'm sure that you're thinking it's better for you to steer as many decisions as you can, given how distracted I am," said Deirdre. "You don't have to deny it, because I've been thinking the same. But I do want to be involved more than I have been — I want to be more decisive and helpful, because this is my wedding day we're planning, after all."

"I want all the input you can give me at all times," I said. "Don't feel uncomfortable about the past, if that's the problem. If there's something from your past plans that you want to revisit — maybe a menu choice, or a song —"

"No," said Deirdre, firmly. "Nothing is to be recycled from the past, I've made an absolute commitment to that decision. No matter how much I might have fancied a certain part of it, I don't want it intruding on a day that Nic and I are sharing."

"Of course — that's between you and Nic," I said. "I wanted to bring it up now, just in case. Dancing around the past is dangerous, as you pointed out."

"Nic was open to it, because he said I shouldn't give up on a small cherished idea just because of a silly mistake," she said. "But these plans should be as far from the original notions as possible. It isn't because those ideas weren't lovely — it's for the sake of knowing that I will look back on this day with Nic as its own beautiful experience."

She reached underneath the table and produced another box — one that looked as if it was an untouched dusty remnant that hadn't been at the top of the stack. "Here," she said, lifting out a binder notebook. "These are from my original wedding plans. You can see the sort of ceremony I preferred in the past, although I'm hoping for something a bit more original than some of these."

The notebook was large enough to cover my lap, its plastic sleeve front featuring a happy little graphic logo about 'getting hitched' that I knew probably stung Deirdre the first few times she saw it after the fact. The pages contained fragments of Deirdre's personality, mixed with her 'past self' in an interesting combination that produced a flower bouquet that looked Victorian chic, a dress that resembled an antique bridal gown, a menu of steak flambe that suggested the groom's tastes were very masculine. Stu Fleming and Deirdre Owen were the two names at the top of the invitation, printed with interlocked wedding bands.

"Here's this one," said Deirdre, who combed past folders of wallpaper samples to hand me another folder, one with glittery flowers and the word 'Wedding' spelled out in calligraphy.

"More wedding plans?" I asked.

"The plans I had with Pete," she answered.


"When was this?" I asked, opening it to see a different dress pictured inside, something with more sheer tulle panels and gilding, and a menu from a Greek restaurant.

"Five years ago?" Deirdre paused. "It blurs together, the actual dates. I probably still have the receipt for selling the dress." She turned through the other books, tucking them into the bottom of the bookshelf.

Selling the dress. The second — or, rather, first — wedding had gotten further in the planning process than this one. I didn't know what to think of that.

"I didn't realize you had planned two previous weddings," I said, doing my best to pull my attention away from this fact. "No wonder you wanted a planner this time. To do all that work and find out it's not the right person in the end ..."

"Stings a bit, yes," said Deirdre, with a sad smile. "But it does happen to some people, although usually not as many times as it happened to me."

"Only twice," I said, comfortingly. "Two is a small number when you think about it."

"You're right, I suppose," she said. "At least I didn't get quite that far with Howie — not far enough to buy a dress." As I digested this third name, I thought I saw a trace of despondency in Deirdre's eyes.


11.04.2020 The Patriots By Winston Groom


About The Patriots

• Hardcover: 464 pages
• Publisher: National Geographic 
PUB DATE: (November 3, 2020) 

In this masterful narrative, Winston Groom brings his signature storytelling panache to the tale of our nation's most fascinating founding fathers--Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams--painting a vivid picture of the improbable events, bold ideas, and extraordinary characters who created the United States of America. 

When the Revolutionary War ended in victory, there remained a stupendous problem: establishing a workable democratic government in the vast, newly independent country. 

Three key founding fathers played significant roles: John Adams, the brilliant, dour New Englander; Thomas Jefferson, the aristocratic Southern renaissance man; and Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant from the Caribbean island of Nevis. 

In this riveting narrative, best-selling author Winston Groom illuminates these men as the patriots fundamentally responsible for the ideas that shaped the emerging United States. Their lives could not have been more different, and their relationships with each other were often rife with animosity. And yet they led the charge--two of them creating and signing the Declaration of Independence, and the third establishing a national treasury and the earliest delineation of a Republican party. 

The time in which they lived was fraught with danger, and their achievements were strained by vast antagonisms that recall the intense political polarization of today. But through it all, they managed to shoulder the heavy mantle of creating the United States of America, putting aside their differences to make a great country. Drawing on extensive correspondence, Groom shares the remarkable story of the beginnings of our great nation. 


Winston Groom wrote In THE PATRIOTS about three  extraordinary men, the founding fathers of this great nation, the United States of America. 

Groom as a master storyteller and novelist delivered stories against the backdrop of the Revolutionary War full of dramatic moments as ideas and events shape this country. Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams’ stories were powerful, action packed full of twists and turns - Groom tells the story full of insights to how this country was built brick by brick, giving more than a sneak peak into the room where decisions are made. These celebrated men are an example to our leaders today and reading their stories full of dreams, ambition and passion were truly inspirational.

These three men all served under George Washington’s first cabinet and who were responsible for shaping our country as we see it today. Full of strife, differences and polarization, these men could not have been more different from each other, but together two of them created and signed the Declaration of Independence, and the third established the national treasury and the formation of the Republican Party. 

I do love reading stories about beginnings, how everything started, and learning about the root of our nation’s humble beginnings. Drawing from stories in the battlefield and correspondence, the details and narrative in which this was presented was a marvel and a delight to read. I loved that it read like a novel, the storytelling, timing and vivid scenery and rich detail of the day to day happenings about these powerful men were exceptionally portrayed. 

A must read for us all who care about this nation and how we can all make a difference by understanding our history and our beginnings.


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About Winston Groom

WINSTON GROOM was born in Washington, D.C., but grew up in Mobile, Alabama, on the Gulf Coast. After a brief period in the Army, Groom returned to Washington, where he worked as a reporter at the Washington Star, covering the political and court beat. He enjoyed a stint in New York City, befriending and socializing with literary legends before returning to Alabama, where he settled down to writing and enjoying life. He is the author of 18 previous books, including Forrest Gump and The Aviators.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

11.3.2020 Sherlock Holmes & the Ripper of Whitechapel By M. K. Wiseman


Publisher : Megan Wiseman; 1st edition (November 3, 2020)
Publication date : November 3, 2020

Sherlock Holmes & the Ripper of Whitechapel

I am afraid that I, Sherlock Holmes, must act as my own chronicler in this singular case, that of the Whitechapel murders of 1888. For the way in which the affair was dropped upon my doorstep left me with little choice as to the contrary. Not twelve months prior, the siren’s call of quiet domesticity and married life had robbed me of Watson’s assistance as both partner and recorder of my cases. Thus, when detective inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard required a lead—any lead—I found myself forced to pursue Jack the Ripper alone and without the aid of my faithful friend. And all for the most damnedable of reasons:

Early on in my investigations, Dr. John H. Watson, formerly of 221b Baker Street, emerged as my prime suspect.

Editorial Review:

" . . . an absorbing read for Sherlock-ians and fans of true crime, and it will keep readers on their toes throughout." - Kirkus Reviews
"It is a brilliant story that held me spellbound from start to finish; I couldn't put it down for anything. Filled with murder, mystery, and suspense, this captivating novel will not fail to delight Sherlock Holmes fans and sleuth fans alike." - Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite
"A gripping historical fiction that also highlights the lack of forensic integrity of that age and how the lack of procedure used in the case often contributed to the loss of valuable clues that could have aided in solving this case." - Lee County Library System, senior librarian


Happy pub day today for the release of this amazing read that I was able to enjoy ahead of release day, and was it fabulous. 

I really enjoyed this book so much, I had to remind myself that this is a novel written in 2020 and not in the 1880's.

I am a huge fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Sherlock Holmes mystery series, and I thought that author M. K. Wiseman did this latest installment to the Sherlock Homes series, justice. 

Wiseman wrote so impeccably Sherlock Holmes' voice and the Victorian time period. This was a feat in itself.  I could only imagine the pressures of being compared to a writer with millions of fans - but this book was so well written and details so well presented, that it did not distract me from reading this fabulous story. 

The story was told through Sherlock Holmes' point of view which I really enjoyed. The story was well plotted and involves the Ripper and in some way finds his dear friend John Watson somehow in the middle of the story. 

I really did enjoy that aspect very much! 

This was such an engrossing and captivating read I highly recommend for any mystery and thriller fans, and most especially Doyle and Holmes fans will find this a true delight to read. 

Well done!!

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Author Bio – M. K. Wiseman has degrees in Interarts & Technology and Library & Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her office, therefore, is a curious mix of storyboards and reference materials. Both help immensely in the writing of historical novels. She currently resides in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

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