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03.01.2021 Jane Austen’s Best Friend; The life and influence of Martha Lloyd BY: Zoe Wheddon


Publisher : Pen and Sword History (April 28, 2021)
Language : English
Hardcover : 224 pages
ISBN-10 : 1526763818

Jane Austen’s Best Friend; The life and influence of Martha Lloyd

All fans of Jane Austen everywhere believe themselves to be best friends with the beloved author and this book shines a light on what it meant to be exactly that. Jane Austen's Best Friend; The Life and Influence of Martha Lloyd offers a unique insight into Jane's private inner circle. Through this heart-warming examination of an important and often overlooked person in Jane's world, we uncover the life changing force of their friendship. Each chapter details the fascinating facts and friendship forming qualities that tied Jane and Martha together. Within these pages we will relive their shared interests, the hits and misses of their romantic love lives, their passion for shopping and fashion, their family histories, their lucky breaks and their girly chats. This book offers a behind the scenes tour of the shared lives of a fascinating pair and the chance to deepen our own bonds in 'love and friendship' with them both.

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Calling all Jane Austen’s fans everywhere.

This book is a must read for all Janeites.

If you are ever want to dig deeper and into the more personal aspects of the life of Jane Austen whose beloved books have stood the test of time, then this is exactly what you need. As I have been re-reading Jane Austen’s classics after obtaining a wonderful Arcturus collection, I found it more important to delve into Austen’s life and past.

With the increase in the amount of attention regency romance has been attracting these days and new readers, this is the perfect gateway to understand about the author, the time period, the function and structure of society, the parties and balls, the intricacies of regency style courtship, families and what happens to the women and their children when the men of their household pass, and the interactions of people as they live their daily life.

I admire the detailed writing by Zoe Wheddon and what must have been an intensive research looking at diaries and letters to patch up such a life that commands the attention of readers and booklovers around the world. Such an attempt I found Wheddon achieved beautifully in this book. I enjoyed reading this story of friendship, and what kept Jane Austin and Martha Lloyd keep firm on their friendship throughout the years, despite their age difference, and even at some point the distance of where they lived.

This exploration of friendship between Jane and Martha is what friendship goals are made of. BFF for life I say. Very well done Zoe Wheddon. Brava!

Author Bio –

A native of Jane Austen's beloved county of Hampshire, Zoe Wheddon, lives in a village on the outskirts of the touwn that she and her husband Matt grew up in, with three grown up children and a cat called Leia.

She co-presents the popular podcast What Would Jane Do and writes articles and book reviews on matters relating to friendship, self-compassion and personal development on her blog. When not researching or writing her next book, Zoe can be found in the classroom teaching Spanish and French or singing ABBA songs loudly in her kitchen.'

Social Media Links – Twitter: @ZoeWheddon

Facebook: Zoe Wheddon Author page.

Instagram: Zoe_Wheddon


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